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PrehApp GmbH

PrehApp GmbH

Am Weichselgarten 7
91058 Erlangen

PreApp GmbH is a manufacturer of medical software. We develop digital medical products together with specialists from medicine, sports science and physiotherapy. Our interdisciplinary startup team consists of creative minds who are visionaries for digital therapy care in their specialties and think innovatively about optimal solutions for patients. We are convinced of the success of digital and personalized therapy enabled by our developed technology. Using complex algorithms, we can provide therapeutic content tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Our therapies are always based on medical guidelines and the latest scientific findings. Due to our progressive web application, our content can be used platform-independently on all browser-enabled devices.

Rental conditions

Office and work space

plus Service costs
plus legal valid VAT of currently 19%
  • IGZ-flat rate 2,00 EUR / qm
  • Incidental/operating expenses** 3,00 EUR / qm
  • Office basic rent 7,60 EUR / qm
  • Production areas 5,10 EUR / qm
  • Basement/storage/warehouse space 3,10 EUR / qm
  • Coworking-workspace 230,00 EUR

    all inclusive

  • Virtual Office - BASIC 55,00 EUR

    The tenant himself is responsible for emptying.

  • Virtual Office - PREMIUM 80,00 EUR

    inclusive Emptying and sending 1x week to one address

*The IGZ flat rate includes the provision of infrastructure as well as

  • free use of seminar and conference rooms for tenants
  • Tea kitchens on each floor
  • Common areas such as reception area, corridors, kitchens, toilets, staircases, elevator, shower, etc.

** The incidental/operating costs are billed 1x per year;
the incidental/operating costs do not include electricity consumption for the rented premises.