Segusoft GmbH

Segusoft GmbH is a company from the IT Cloud Security sector. The core product is the standard software platform “SEGULINK” for the secure exchange of confidential information between companies using end-to-end encryption and cryptographically secured project rooms. As further building blocks, SEGULINK offers functions for the creation of digital signatures by means of certificates and […]

Zuken E3 GmbH

Zuken is a Japanese company that creates software solutions to support the design process of electrical and electronic products in industrial environments. The portfolio includes tools in the areas of PCB, MBSE, data management, schematics and harness design. At the Erlangen site, special solutions are developed for wiring harness and E/E system predevelopment in the […]

SoftwareRing Academy

The SoftwareRing Academy is an association of several IT companies that have jointly developed an innovative and holistic training concept. In addition to vocational school and basic training in the respective company, the SoftwareRing Academy enables trainees to take part in a wide range of cross-industry training courses and practical projects with partner companies. The […]


Technological consulting for the design, planning and commissioning of nuclear power plants as well as calculations of deterministic and probabilistic safety issues for the construction and lifetime extension of NPPs.

Komprenu GmbH

Komprenu GmbH helps companies to better identify potential savings in resource consumption. To this end, it develops a software platform for monitoring resources for an energy management in accordance with ISO 50001. The continuous acquisition and real-time visualization of measurement data from machines and sensors can also be extended to condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Keppler IT GmbH

Keppler IT GmbH was founded in May 2008 and specializes in the development and operation of web hosting platforms and web-based applications.