We support start-up companies to develop validated prototypes and make them eligible for funding and to attract the interest of investors and sponsors.

ModelOne is a unique program that aims to drive sustainable collaboration between startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The program is aimed at (Bavarian) founders and startups that have an idea or a concrete plan of a product in mind, but (currently) do not have the technical know-how and the financial means to build a prototype / program the software mock-up.

Participating in the program not only increases the chance of successfully launching a product on the market, but the founders can also make an active contribution to maintaining the innovative strength and location development in the metropolitan region.

We network founders with suitable SMEs from the region to give them access to the knowledge and many years of experience of the companies. At the same time, founders help established companies to further expand their innovative capacity and to perceive current trends in the technology sector. ModelOne covers all costs incurred and also supports startups in applying for additional funding.

👉Join us and be an active part of knowledge and technology transfer in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region!

All details about ModelOne are available on the official website